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10 Best Beekeeping Starter Kits – Reviews and Guide 2020

Beekeeping is a work that needs the assistance of a nice beehive kit. All your passion for honey harvesting needs the association of some useful tools. Herein, we have done some research to present you with the best bee hive kits for beginners.

Once you have gone through this article, your confidence will boost up before you set out for this beautiful journey of beekeeping.

You will know what you want by your side when you will be working on the beehive. All these products the market offers, you will know about them in details here. Then, the decision you will take is going to be a lot mature and determined.

Let’s start then.

What Do I Need?

All the essentials you would like to have in your beekeeping starter kit are:

  • Bees
  • Hive kit frames – 8 to 10 usually
  • Telescoping cover with inner cover
  • A bottom board
  • An entrance reducer
  • Beekeeper gloves
  • Beekeeping veil
  • Hive tool
  • Bee smoker
  • Protective gear
  • Bee colonies (2 of them, if possible)
  • Bee brush
  • Uncapping fork
  • Bee smoker fuel
  • Beehive foundations
  • Beehive frame grip: to extract the frame while inspecting the hive
  • Queen bee marking tube: to mark the queen be and exclude them temporarily
  • Queen bee catching clip: hair clip like

These are pretty much all. So, you might want to look for these things in your kit or else you'll have to get them separately.

Best Beekeeping Starter Kits Reviews

To help you avoid confusion, here I’m going to provide you with some recommendations. Let’s get started.

1. Blisstime Beekeeping Starter Kit

We are talking about a beekeeping kit that suits both the beginners and the veterans. You will have every essential tools in this product to offer you an enjoyable experience of beekeeping. The quality it provides will allow you to use it at any time of the year.

This kit includes a beehive stainless steel grip, a beekeeping entrance feeder, a smoker made of stainless steel, a tool for beehives, and a tool for uncapping. Designers have made this product to have a sturdy and broader bottom. This new design has made it convenient for users to do beekeeping.

There is a very soft brush that provides separation between the frames and the bees. Once you remove the frame, you shake it quickly. Thus, it will dislodge the bees, most of them, if not all. Then you will have to brush the honeycomb to take off any excess.

You will find the beekeeping grip useful while removing the frames. Thus, you will be able to do it with no harm done to the bees. Also, the entrance feeder has a beneficial role. You can refill it quickly, and therefore the colony will get rid of any disturbance.

This product has a 16.2 inches length, 8.8 inches width and 5 inches high body. It weighs 2.8 pounds. This tool is equipped heavily. Therefore, it qualifies to be a good option for newcomers in the beekeeping world.

Highlighted Features

  • Newly designed bee hive smoker
  • Brush providing separation between honey frames and the bees
  • A feeder that doesn't disturb the colony
  • Uncapping tool
  • Frame grip
  • Synthetic brush for bee hiving
  • Stainless steel smoker

2. CO-Z Stainless Steel Beehive Starter Kit

CO-Z beehive smoker comes with impressive features. It has a stainless steel body that looks quite good. There is a heat shield protection in place to protect your hands from any heat injury.

Not only that, but the shield also keeps the bees calm while you do your thing. So, you can rest assured for there won't be any nasty stinging business.

Online consumers have spoken well about this product for it has met their requirements. They have reported that the kit is easy to handle and works just fine.

Weighing only 1.9 pounds and measuring 5x12x9 inches, this baby has made the beekeeping job fun. It will provide you with a swift and smooth experience of honey harvesting.

One would also find the kit desirable for its well-built stainless steel body, the plate base that is removable and perforated for sufficient airflow, and the hook we just talked about.

If durability is your concern, then you are guaranteed to love this homeboy. Also, this kit is quite affordable. If you want your equipment to be easy to store, carry, and use, then also you are looking in the right place.

Lightweight and durability are the most remarkable aspects of this thing. In your routine inspections, this tool is one of the best for calming the bees down. Therefore, it offers ease in beekeeping. With this tool, harvesting the honey and merging the bee colonies become pretty easy, even for the beginners.

 Highlighted Features

  • Weighs only 1.75 pounds
  • Stainless steel made smoker for heavy-duty
  • The firebox gets a sufficient amount of air through Vinyl bellows
  • Durable and provides high quality
  • Metal hook to hang the device on the edge of the hive box
  • Precision in smoking to protect the bee box
  • Dimensions of 5x12x9 inches

3. Mann Lake – Basic Beekeeping Starter Kit

This would be a perfect choice for the beginners as well as professionals and hobbyists. The manufacturer of this US made tool delivers it completely assembled.

Whenever you feel like inspecting the hive and harvesting the honey, you will have easy access to that. This kit possesses the best of accessories. One will have to appreciate the painted hive body it comes with.

It comes with pretty much all sort of things you are gonna need to get the hive running. The inner, top cover, frame, body, solid bottom and entrance minimizer; this tool has it all.

You will find the hive to be accompanied by a painted hive body and wooden frames that come with a yellow waxed foundation. By weighing only 36 pounds, it provides secure handling. 

There are some other essential gears it offers, such as a pair of leather gloves, a bee veil, a guarded bee smoker, and a hive tool. An assembled bottom board including reducer and a telescoping cover along with an inner cover are also in place.

Another good thing about the kit is that its interior is pretty spacious. You can comfortably accommodate quite a few numbers of frames and the right size of a bee colony. Enough room inside facilitates proper air movement as well as maintains an appropriate temperature.

This kit is fully assembled with painted parts. Therefore, saves you the hassle of choosing the frames and paint. It has compatibility of 10 frame kit with different hive materials. And, you have a spacious bee house. Also, the hive is designed to withstand heavy rains and sunlight. So, it would make a perfect choice.

Highlighted Features

  • Painted and assembled US-built beehive
  • Hive frames
  • Bottom board
  • Hive tool
  • Leather gloves
  • Bee veil
  • Frame body
  • Entrance minimizer
  • Guarded bee smoker
  • Telescoping cover

4. HLPB Beekeeping Tools Kit 


HLPB comes with a stunning bee hive smoker. If you want a bee smoker that ensures quality, manages the heat well and provides sufficient airflow, then this would be the perfect one for you. The brand has made its smoker sturdy enough to last for a long period. And, the tool does deliver all the time.

Thanks to the stainless steel body; it is protected from tear and wear and rusting. You will love the heat resistance the unit offers. It would be safe and fun to work with. The heat shield protects your hands from burn during work.

Two hooks come with the product; a safe hook, and a mounting hook. These little boys have their roles in making your work convenient. They provide safety. You can hang the unit or keep it beside the hive box whenever you feel like a vacation from your work.

Another thing you will certainly like is the vinyl bellows which we found to be a top class feature. Along with the removable base plate, it provides sufficient airflow.

The bellows it comes with has some additional uses. You can hunt beers by using it as scent cover. Designers have worked hard to subject the bees to cool smoke and a slow burning process. So, the bees are protected from any harm. Therefore, they keep calm and act friendly.

This product offers a handful of other tools for beekeeping. An uncapping fork tool, bee hive frame grip, a synthetic bee hive brush, one piece of beehive tools, a beekeeping entrance feeder, a stainless steel bee hive smoker are of the valuable features it comes with.

Overall, no wonder why this smoker would suit a beginner beekeeper as well as a pro.

Highlighted Features

  • An uncapping fork tool
  • A beehive frame grip
  • A synthetic bee hive brush
  • One piece of beehive tools
  • A beekeeping entrance feeder
  • A stainless steel bee hive smoker

5. The Magnificent BEE 6 Piece Beekeeping Starter Kit


You must have a quality beekeeping starter kit to assist you in this delicate job. This kit we are talking about has all sorts of features you will need in the honey harvesting process.

A six-piece kit like this makes the work a lot simpler, especially when it comes with a frame grip. It takes proper care of the bees making sure that they are not harmed during removal of the frames.

Also, one got to appreciate the uncapping tool, bee feeder, hive smoker, and scraper. With these features, beekeeping becomes fascinating. The standout among them is the entrance feeder. You can refill it quickly, and thus the colony will get rid of any unwanted objects.

Moreover, these pieces do not require a rocket scientist to know how to use them properly. On the contrary, one would find them as easy as ever to use. Storage of these tools also doesn’t demand hassles.

Since they are small in size, you will be carrying them with total comfort. If you want to keep them in the cardboard the package comes with, it will be cool too.

Furthermore, being made of stainless steel, wood, and plastic, they become good options for both amateurs and professionals. This kit won’t leave you in the middle of nowhere for it is quite sturdy.

The manufacturers have guaranteed the high quality of their product. You will like the fact that this thing doesn’t cost you a fortune, yet delivers high performance.

Highlighted Features

  • Frame Grip
  • Bee feeder
  • Uncapping tool
  • Hive smoker
  • Scraper
  • Stainless steel, wooden, plastic body

6. LamYHeng Beginner Beekeeping Kit (10 pcs)


We are talking about a product that comes with a complete set of 10 pieces. Yeah, our beginner beekeeping kit has every single item you will need in beekeeping. You will enjoy the high quality of this product at a very reasonable price. And it’s going to be durable too.

We have an uncapping fork in this kit that makes your work easier. Also, there are bee hive tool and bee hive frame grip. With the grip in place, you will be content holding the tool knowing it is there to prevent any slip or undesired incident. Not just that, you will find this feature useful while removing the frames.

The quite satisfactory fact about it is that it ensures the safety for the bees and saves them from any harm during the frame’s removal.

Some other worth mentioning features are synthetic beehive brush, queen bee catchers (five of them), five mini entrance feeders for beekeeping, and a stainless steel beehive smoker with this kit.

Any starter would love to possess this kit for the collection of items it provides. Every single one of the tools works efficiently and can perform a whole bunch of jobs.

You do not see a complete package like this very often. It will offer you versatility and convenience in your work. Beekeeping will be a lot more easy and fun if you possess a kit like this. So, if we may, we recommend it highly.

Highlighted Features

  • Uncapping fork tool
  • Beehive frame grip
  • Synthetic bee hive brush
  • Five pieces of queen bee catcher
  • Beehive tools
  • Five pieces of mini beekeeping entrance feeder
  • Beehive smoker stainless steel

7. Floratek Beekeeping Tool Kit (7 pcs)


You might be going low in terms of budget and worrying your hearts out in getting a good deal to start your beekeeping work. If you are, then it's time you put an end to that worry.

Because we have come up with a product that isn't gonna cost you a lot of bucks like some other bee hive kits would. There are products in the market that are cheaper yet high quality. This kit is one of those.

You will get each one of the necessary tools with this product. There is a frame grip to allow you to deal with the frame with safety while removing it from the hive. The top bar of the frame becomes easy to clamp with the frame holder.

Also, an uncapping fork is in place whenever you need to inspect your beehive and extract honey. You can also get rid of any excess capping when you decide to scrape honey. It will remove the cells for you.

Then there is a bee hive tool you can pry the frames out and scrape the wax with. Also, it will scrape the propolis off of the frames and bee boxes. You will love the bee hive brush that nicely separates between the frames and the bees.

The cage along with plunger to mark the queen bee is undoubtedly an impressive feature. There is also a cage catcher clip for the queen bee. Also, the spur wire embedder makes the beekeeping convenient altogether.

Highlighted Features

  • 7 in 1 essential and practical tool kit
  • Holder for bee hive frame
  • Uncapping fork
  • Bee hive tool
  • Spur wire embedder
  • Queen bee cage catcher clip
  • Queen bee marking cage with a plunger
  • Bee hive brush

8. VIVO BEE-KIT2 Starter Tool Kit


VIVO has produced this beekeeping kit for the beginners especially. It is a 4 in 1 kit that makes a good choice if you are getting familiar with this business. Spending bucks on any of the bee hive kits like this would surely pay off.

If you are looking for a compact package that has the much-needed tools in it, then you are going to be satisfied with this thing.

All sorts of stuff you will get with this product. From heat shielded bee smoker to frame holder made of stainless steel, from j-hook to beehive brush; this guy has it all. This beekeeping starter kit includes the box or the mainframe you will need to use for housing the colony of bees.

The smoker gives rise to cool smoke to calm the bees down so that there isn’t sting injury. You will need that for extracting honey and maintaining the hive all secured and sound. Having a height of only 11” and weighing extremely light, you sure are gonna have a good time using the canister.

Furthermore, it comes with a mounting handle that has its role when you are catching a breath. For fuels, the canister provides enough space by being four inches long. The fact that it is stainless steel made gives assurance of the high quality of this product and ensures durability.

Moreover, the firebase is perforated to provide enough ventilation and room. Thus, the fire keeps burning always. If you are alright with the kit's leather bellow, then you will find this product to be as subtle as any.

Highlighted Features

  • Heat shielded bee smoker
  • Frame holder made of stainless steel
  • J-hook
  • Beehive brush
  • Mainframe to house the colony
  • 11” high and 4” long

9. ApiHex Bee Starter Kit


ApiHex has made this quality product containing equipment and tools for beekeeping. It doesn't come with the beehive though. Nevertheless, it still is a terrific competitor in the market as far as the beekeeping kits go.

ApiHex hasn't produced a product for the beginners in which it has combined both the beekeeping tools and beehive. It's a shame because the brand would have nailed it if they did so. They still are of the top brands with this little shortcoming.

We would highly recommend this product for the quality it has shown. If you can manage a beehive, then you won’t have to look any further than this kit. Any beehive would make a killer combination with this one.

Whatever you need for a sound beekeeping experience you will find it with this product. A hook tool is there to mount your kit whenever you are off work. There is a bee hive smoker along with lavender smoker to produce a calming effect for the bees.

You’ve got to appreciate the beekeeping brush that is double bristled. For it provides separation between the frames and the bees. Also, there is uncapping fork, frame grip, queen bee marker, catching clip for the queen bee and hive handles; it's all in this little beauty.

Highlighted Features

  • Hook tool
  • Bee hive smoker along with lavender smoker to calm the bees down
  • Beekeeping brush that is double bristled
  • Uncapping fork
  • Catching clip for the queen bee
  • Frame Grip
  • Queen bee marker
  • Hive handles

10. MIFXIN Beekeeping Tool Kit


This 7 in 1 beekeeping kit displays nearly all the essential features. For the marking of the queen bee, there is a marking cage in place as well as a plunger. Whenever you intend to catch the queen bee, you will find the use of the queen catcher. It is a hair clip sort of thing made of plastic.

There also is a bee brush of good quality. It contains a plastic handle and a bristle. After removing the frame, you have to shake it quickly. Thus, it will dislodge most of the bees, if not all of them. Then you are gonna have to brush the honeycomb to take off any excess attached to it.

The frame holder that comes with the kit demonstrates sturdy build. It is very useful in frame removing. You will be glad to find the j-shaped hive tool along with the kit. They have made it with iron steel of special kind.

This feature serves a lot of purposes. From separating hive boxes to prying out frames, scraping propolis and wax off of the frames and bee boxes; does it all.

Also, the uncapping fork is quite a nice feature to have around. It is sturdy enough being a molded plastic that contains sharp tines. There is also a spur wire wheel embedder with stainless steel or wooden body. It secures the thin layered foundation wax into the timber frames.

Highlighted Features

  • Uncapping fork
  • Queen catcher
  • Hive frame holder
  • Queen marking cage
  • Plunger
  • Bee brush
  • Hive tool
  • Spur wire wheel embedder

Things to Look For Before Buying

If you care for wandering around into the world of beekeeping, then the first thing you need is an excellent bee hive kit. We will discuss the stuff you need to keep your eyes on before buying.


If you are looking for high-quality beginner beekeeping kit, then you shouldn't back away from spending a few bucks on it. It is only justified that cheaper products would lack quality in one or two aspects. You might even end up getting a hard time from your kit to hardly make it for a year or two.

Therefore, what you should do is go for the products that will present you with great value for the money. In our product list, we have tried to bring up the kits that will be worth the money you invest. The accessories these products come with are proportional to their cost.


For a pleasant experience of honey harvesting, you need to look for these features in your bee hive starter kit. These are:

  • Easy Assembly
  • Size and weight
  • Necessary tools such as a smoker, hive tool, frames, excluder, entrance reducer, feeder, etc.
  • Wooden or plastic material
  • painted or not
  • Protective wears
  • User’s manual or beginner’s guide

Design and Construction 

If you want to save some bucks, then you need to order for an unassembled kit. This way the shipping cost is reduced a bit. Keep in mind; it will take you half an hour to one hour to do the assembly yourself. Also, you will need a hammer and some nails to see it done. On the other hand, the assembled product will strip you off some money to justify their saving you the trouble.

You also need to watch out for the dimension of brood boxes and supers as well as their numbers. They matter in determining the amount of space the bees gonna be having. If you can afford more significant real estate, then a large number of bees can accommodate


Hives usually come with wooden or plastic construction. The wooden ones are a bit sturdier, and their parts are easy to replace. Also, they feel quite natural and as a result of more fun to have. Though they might give rise to fungus growth once in a while for being moisture retainer, we can still vouch for their durability.

The plastic hives are quite durable, too. Heavy-duty plastics are used to make them. These are lightweight and resistant to UV rays. Therefore, protects from the harmful effect of sun rays.

Performance and Simplicity

Some beekeeping starter kits come with all the protective wear you will need during the visits to the bee hive. But, some of them lack a few types of equipment, and a few don't provide any of it. You will have to buy your kits keeping this issue in mind. Also, see if there’s a beekeeping guide with the kit if you are one of the newbies. It will simplify your work a lot. You will be able to learn all the basics from it. If you are going for an unassembled kit, then make sure there is an assembly instruction in place.

Some people like to paint their stuff with their favorite colors. Buy an unpainted kit if you are one of them. And if you wanna skip the hassle, then get yourself one with paints on.


Some necessary components you want to look for in your product are:

  • Frames: The more frames you have, the more honeycombs you get.
  • Handles: For flexibility in moving the hives anywhere.
  • Entrance Reducer: Keeps the bees in check so that they don’t escape.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does one need a license or permit for beekeeping?

It varies from place to place. Also, it depends on the number of hives you are planning to keep. You might wanna have a chat with the agriculture department about it.

2. How much is it going to cost to start beekeeping?

It also depends on the number of hives. If you can catch bees in the wild or manage to get a swarm, there won’t be any cost on bees.

3. Which season is favorable for beekeeping?

It is spring. You are likely to stay very busy in your beekeeping work at this time.

4. How well assembled are the assembled kits?

They are complete. All you have to do is insert the frames and doors.

5. From where should I start?

Start by learning the basics of beekeeping. Then get a starter kit. Find some bees. And get on with it.

Final Verdict

Now that you have known about the beehive kits, you know better about what you want. Choose the one that fits your budget and gets along with your taste.

I’m sure my reviews will help you find the best bee hive kits for beginners.

Good luck!

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