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Looking For Great Organic Honey?
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In a world where millions of company trying to sell their products to you, how do you decide which one to buy? If you go to any ecommerce website, you will be amazed by the company trying to sell you their honey. That's where we come in. We actually take our time to reasearch and gather knowledge to help you get the right honey for you.

Why You’ll Love Our Reviews

We have gone through a good number of products to and picked just the right ones for you. We talk about each and every small detail and also the flaws. So, you know the good and the bad about any honey before you even buy! You get benefitted by our expert reviews and make the right purchase decision.

Only Quality Honey Is Our Priority

Unlike any other website we do not promote any honey that has not passed through our quality measurements. 

We always want to provide the honest and non-biased honey review to help you buy quality honey!

We don't write any paid review or anything like that. Quality is our number one priority.

Our Main Goal

In Awesome Honey To Buy we want to provide people all the required information regarding honey. Specially, reviewing top raw honey and manuka honey is our main goal. 

Also, we want to provide enough information for anybody looking to start beekeeping, providing reviews for beekeeping equipments.

​Manuka Honey

As stated before, providing you with the right manuka honey product is one of our main goals. We have kept our promise and written and in-depth review for manuka honey in honesuckle.net

What Manuka Honey Buyers Say

Ordered 2 jars. One for my mother, who has skin ulcers (MRSA). In two weeks it has almost cleared her completely up. And we have tried just about everything we could find. Even the deep sores have cleared up. Doctors have tried many things and nothing worked. This is the first time in years. The 2nd bottle I bought for myself. Treating severe periodontal disease. I put the honey on a tooth brush and gently brush it into my gums. Then just swish it around in my mouth for a couple minutes. I do not eat or drink anything for 20 minutes after spitting it out. The first week my gums were really sore, but the 2nd week, they are doing much better and the infections are going away. So far so good!

Joseph S. Merriman

I bought this for my GI issues, and it seems to help - and the degree of benefit seems just as good as the benefit derived from the 20 UMF honey, which I also loved, just not sure it's superior enough to justify the premium price. I tried other brands as well, and found they were not raw, and the small price difference did not justify switching from Kiva. This is the best stuff you will ever taste, I recommend taking small licks and allowing it to melt all over your tongue to get the maximum flavor experience. If you just swallow a spoonful you are missing out. My only issue with this is self-control. It's hard to limit my consumption, and on the downside it is expensive and loaded with carbs. Moderation is key.

Randy D Cutler

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